Sunday, December 11, 2005


Another lengthy pause…………

It has been a while. The last time I wrote these same words, my post was titled Change @ Work, and I ranted about the turmoil and uncertainty at my place of work and the complete state of disarray it had thrown my mind into. I had ended that post with a remark that I need to quit whining and act on it.

I did. Finally.

There have been many times in life I have found myself in whatever hole I would have dug myself into, or inadvertently stepped into, and I would claw my way up and out of it. But over time, there have been a few situations I have come across where I have hit a wall.

I always wondered why I could ‘solve’ every problem thrown my way if I steeled my will to do it, but these few left me vexed. Worse still, those few were the ones that mattered. But perhaps everything has a solution, but maybe some resolutions just don’t seem like a solution, or are simply not what was desired.

For now, I have made some alterations - hoping a drastic change of jobs, locations, routines, and daily faces would somehow disentangle those other lumpy knots in my life.