Monday, June 27, 2005


I see the shimmering light, a silver lining on the dark cloud
Or is that the cloud, smothering away the last sunbeams
The tunnel is long and dark, at least I see the light at the end
Or is that the dazzling beam, atop an oncoming freight train
I always say the cup is half full, never deemed it half empty
Does it matter at all, when the cup itself is obscured?

I am no cynic, but am I an optimist?
I claim I am a realist…and yet I pen odes to life’s idiosyncrasies
This labyrinth I live in, I often know not what to make of the signs
Sometimes a step ahead, sometimes a step retraced
Perhaps I know what I am doing, my feet steadfastly on the ground
But then, my mind drifts in the clouds, unsure – but blissful

Be my silver lining, my light in darkness, my cup of hope
And reality, virtuality… nothing would matter anymore


Anonymous Rainbow says...

I'll be whatever you want me to be.....all you need to do is ask.
I'm standing outside....the knob is on your side of the door. Turn it and see.....

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Online says...

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5:31 AM  

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